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I’ve been working away on the Island County Series, and realized I missed posting about the two latest releases! Where did the time go? It’s hard to believe we’re already headed to summer! I’m excited to start playing tennis in the next couple weeks (using my own rules), and we’re looking forward to some water sports (kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding) now that we live so close to the water! Do you have activities you’re hoping to try out this summer or things you look forward to? Leave a comment and one person will be randomly chosen to win a $5 Amazon Card when UprisingZ releases in late June.

Jon made a whole bunch of self-watering pots, and I’ve planted flowers and veggies, which have all gotten huge. We’ve also been using our new grill up a storm! Our weather seems to be breaking all kind of heat records this spring, but when you have two English Bulldogs that’s not great news. They hate the heat! So between plenty of fans and a/c, we’re keeping them cool, but they’d rather have some snow. Actually, it’s more one bully (Buttercup) than the other.

I’ve been writing a ton and loving every second. I released Tangled Love on Pelican Point in April and Forever Love on Fireweed Island in May. Both stories were so much fun to write. Between Sophie and Jewels, Island County is growing in leaps and bounds. I love getting to revisit characters from Beyond Love and prior Island County books. Readers have been writing to let me know that Jake and Jewels from Forever Love just might be their favorite, which totally makes my day! Although some will always be fans of Tori and Mason.

If you’re interested in starting the Island County Series, Finding Love in Forgotten Cove is free on Amazon, iBooks, and Nook. The links to view the other books are below as well! Each book can be read as a standalone, but you’ll recognize characters from Beyond Love. Click on the cover to view on Amazon.

Finding Love Karice Bolton  Nothing like walking straight into the bedroom to see your fiancé in bed with another woman, but that’s okay. . . Tori’s a strong woman who didn’t need love in the first place. She’s above it all and can’t wait to go home to Fireweed Island to escape the drama for the summer. She’s thrilled to teach summer school and remodel her family home in peace and quiet.

So why is it that if Tori is so over love, she notices the hot owner of the construction company? Okay, she doesn’t just notice him. She lets him sneak right into her fantasies where he does amazing things to her.

It isn’t until Mason shows her how a real man is supposed to be that she allows herself to believe in love again. But will the pain from her past ever let her truly experience a happily-ever-after?

Final Love Redone SmallerNatalie Jennings loves nothing more than waking up and going into work at the florist shop she owns in the heart of Fireweed Island. Every morning is pleasant and filled with sunshine and rainbows. That is until she sees an email for a wedding consult slide right into her inbox with the sender’s name of Cole Hill. Her hands get clammy and the cold winter’s day suddenly feels like it’s ninety degrees and climbing. It couldn’t be the same Cole Hill from high school. The universe isn’t that cruel.

But as she opens the email and reads the message, she realizes that it is, indeed, the Cole Hill from high school, and it is the universe’s turn to not only be cruel but downright evil. Cole broke her heart, but not in the normal fashion. He ensured the process was a long one filled with plenty of ups and downs. It all started in first grade and didn’t finally end until the second year of college. And now he is coming back to get married on Fireweed Island.

The perks of being the only florist in town! It’s a good thing she got over him years ago…

Tangled Love  Sophie Bristol works two jobs —som etimes three—and is surrounded by people falling in love and that’s great. Really, it’s great. It’s not like she ever thought she’d find that perfect someone. After all, she learned he probably only exists in some far away land with talking wildlife and glass slippers, and that works perfectly for her busy schedule. Not to mention she experienced the worst divorce in island history between her parents, and she got to be there for every painful second to warp her view on the subject. And let’s not forget her stepmom has only learned to like Sophie once she began helping take care of her dad after his stroke.

So to say love isn’t a priority is an understatement. Life hasn’t been easy, not that she ever expected it to be, and she’s fine with the hand she’s been dealt.

Really, she is fine. But when Sophie falls for a rock star, it will take more than a fairy godmother to make love work in the real world.

Anthony Hill is the lead singer of the Crimson Strings and his band has hit it big. Really big. Huge, actually. And he should be thrilled. It’s what he’s always wanted. However, sometimes there is a big disconnect between dreams and reality. With his nonstop touring schedule and pressure to repeat success on his next album, he flees to the one place that scarred him the most, Fireweed Island. He hopes if he confronts the demons of his past, he’ll finally get to experience the happiness he so desperately craves, but he soon finds out coming back to the island might be the worst decision he’s ever made.

Until he meets her.

What Anthony wants, no—needs— is simple. He needs Sophie Bristol to fall in love with him. What he gets is a tangled mess involving two very complicated people, who refuse to see what is right in front of them. He realizes the fantasy of love he’s conjured up over the years will take more than finding the one because he has apparently found the “one” who has no interest in love or dating. He knows the only way he has a chance with Sophie is to get her to trust him, but given his current profession that won’t be easy.

ForeverLove with Font Smaller “Between a hot fireman and a sweet librarian, I never wanted the story to end. Each page sizzled with a slow burn, and it was a fantastic and heartwarming story.”

Jewels Jennings—zippy librarian by day and book blogger by night—came back to the one and only place beyond the pages of a book that has given her happiness, Fireweed Island. Years ago, she tore off the island in a speedboat with the man she was supposed to marry in tow and a vow never to return to small-town living . . . only to return with her tail between her legs, newly divorced, and completely skeptical of anything resembling love. She prefers to stick to the men between the pages of her latest read rather than waste time in the real world.

Jake Harlen fled to Fireweed Island with the hopes of forgetting his past. He’s been busy carving out a life that anchors him far away from people and the complications they always manage to deliver. He likes his life, manages it with the care it deserves, and is content in his single ways . . . until he goes on a rescue call and meets the town librarian.

When Jewels finds her life hanging in the balance more than once, Jake is the only one who can save her, but neither of them realizes the magic of love that Fireweed is determined to deliver, but only one of them is ready to accept what fate has in store.

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I’ve been updating my Facebook page and newsletter subscribers with my tentative release schedule, but here is the updated version for the next few months:

June: UprsisingZ (Afterworld #3) Final book in the series

July: Mia (Luke Fletcher #4) Final book in the series

August: TBA (Island County #5) Nick’s story

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


The winner from the Tangled Love Contest is Emily! Congrats. An email has been sent.


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  1. Christina says:

    Love all your books!! Can’t wait for Nick’s book and I am so looming forward to Mia’s!!

  2. Jeanine Thornton says:

    Congrats Emily

  3. Diane says:

    Congratulations Emily

  4. Deb Pelletier says:

    The book sounds interesting.

  5. jenni lyn says:

    I’m looking forward to driving poop miles across country to see my baby girl start her new and exciting adventure in her life. Then I’m gonna try afigure out what exactly it is I want to do for myself. Maybe Swimming or Zumba but I would like to have the chance to read your novels going across country. Love you!!

  6. bn100 says:

    going to the beach

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    I’m not a sun or hot weather lover, so I basically work and read. I do visit our community pool in the later afternoon occasionally. I was looking at job openings (mine is ending within the next year) and it would probably be a good idea for me to take some computer classes at the library and learn new programs.

    • kbolton says:

      It never hurts to freshen up or learn the new software! That sounds like a good plan and the library is probably air-conditioned. Thanks for the post! ~Karice

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