New Release Today!! AlibiZ is out now and a $.99 sale on RecruitZ!

If you’ve been holding off on snagging the first book in the Afterworld Series, wait no more! To celebrate the release of AlibiZ, I’ve dropped the price of RecruitZ to only $.99 (reg. $2.99)! Yay!!


I’m so excited about today’s release, AlibiZ, and I would love if you gave the Afterworld a try! AlibiZ is the second book in the series and adds even more thrills and romance to the Afterworld. This series has been a thrill to write! It’s an action-packed story with plenty of romance and heartache, along with mystery and suspense to fill the pages. The characters have been through so much and what they face together is nothing short of frightening. I’m looking forward to writing UprisingZ in 2015. To celebrate the release, I’ve dropped the price of the first book, RecruitZ, to only $.99 for a limited time.

To round out 2014, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be releasing Beyond Chance in December. Once I know the release date, I’ll be sure to announce it on Facebook so drop by my page and say hi. Brandy and Aaron are off to Paris, but what life has in store for them might be more than either wants to face. Life isn’t always perfect and sometimes it takes more than chance for love to work.

I absolutely love the characters in the Beyond Love Series, and I’m so thankful that so many of you have connected with the Gabby, Brandy, and Lily. It makes writing their stories even more delightful.

Buried Sins, which is the second book in the Luke Fletcher Series will be released in early 2015 so you won’t have to wait too long to find out about Luke and Hannah either. It’s a busy time of year for us all, but I hope you can find time to settle in with a good book and enjoy the wonderful fall season.

I’m looking forward to trying out Starbuck’s new Chestnut Praline Latte in the coming weeks and curling up near the fireplace in the family room. We already had our first huge windstorm over the weekend, and the power is out in town, but somehow we were lucky enough to keep it on at the house. I did lose internet/cable for twenty-four hours, but it came back on just in time to write this note to you.

Happy Reading, and I hope you enjoy the second book in the Afterworld Series.


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ONLY $.99

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