Contest, Summer Travels, and New Release Information!

As summer is winding down, I’ve had the chance to look over the next three releases and work on the timing a bit more. I wanted to let you know the titles to look forward to in the coming months. I also wanted to share some of the pictures from our travels this summer as well as announce a fun contest and provide information on two upcoming blog tours! Whooo. Sounds like a lengthy post, but I promise you’ll want to read through so you can enter to win the fun contest.

First thing is first. The next three books you can expect from me are AlibiZ, Buried Sins, and Beyond Chance*. You might have noticed the * by Beyond Chance (and if you didn’t, now you have ). This is because there is a slight “chance” that I might introduce book one of a new series before Chance’s release. I haven’t decided yet and will let you know once I do. 🙂

As many of you know, my husband and I went to Europe this summer for a signing and for research on a couple of stories that I’m really looking forward to announcing in the coming months. I promised some people that I’d post some pics and have finally gotten around to it….

Scotland – We fell in love with Scotland!!!

photo 3

One of the many castles we managed to visit on our way to Aberdeenshire in Scotland!

photo 4

This green is far more accurate

photo 5

From the car during one of our Scotland drives!

Loved our visit to York, England!


Clifford’s Tower in York (View from hotel room)

Had so much fun driving around Bolton and the local villages!

photo 2

Hiked up to Peel Monument.

Saw it while we were driving near Bolton and decided to hike up to it.

London was amazing and quite busy with people!

photo 1



Big Ben



Paris was beautiful and grand.

From Eiffel

View from the Eiffel Tower!

Another view from Eiffel

Another View!

At Night

View at night!


Walking by the Louvre on the way to lunch in a park


Lots of lounging in the shade near the fountains! We were there during a heatwave!


Beautiful fountains everywhere a person turns.


What happens when you look up at the Louvre!

So those are some of the pictures I took! The ones Jon took are way better and are on the other hard drive, but hopefully these were okay!

XpressoReads is hosting a blog tour for The Afterworld Series. She just announced it. If you’re interested, please sign up quickly because the slots tend to fill up fast. The information is below. If you’re a blogger, you can sign up for one book or both in the series. The blog tour begins in November!


The other blog tour is for Hidden Sins and has already filled up. The blog tour begins in October and the schedule of participating blogs is in the link. I hope you can participate and as always, be on the lookout for the fun contests that will be held surrounding both events!


Since I’ve moved over to a new blog platform, there have been many kinks in the system! Hundreds of subscribers haven’t received notifications of new posts, and previous comments on years worth of posts vanished. Well, not completely. I had a bad feeling before the transition and saved them all. I just can’t roll them over to the appropriate posts. Anywho, I hope the wrinkles are starting to iron themselves out and this post landed in your inbox. If not, shoot! I guess we’ll never know…

Now for the fun contest!!!!

In order to celebrate the crisp fall season that I love so much, I thought I’d offer up a contest featuring some of my favorite fall teas from David’s Teas!

Leaves falling from above

The Fall package includes:

Sweet Apple Cider (25g/0.9oz)
Snickerdoodle (25g/0.9oz)
Yes we Cran (25g/0.9oz)
Maple Sugar (25g/0.9oz)
Pumpkin Chai (25g/0.9oz)
20 tea filters



Now, if for some reason this special collection is sold out before the contest ends, not to worry! I’ll pick out some of my favorite teas in place of the collection and send to the winner. If you’re curious about what it looks like online, here is the link to David’s Teas!

What do you have to do to enter? Just leave a comment telling me what you’ll miss about summer and what you’ll enjoy about fall! The winner will be RANDOMLY chosen on the first day of autumn, September 23rd!

Be on the lookout for my next release, AlibiZ coming this October!!!! Worried you’ll miss the release day? Sign up for my newsletter here:

AlibiZ Afterworld Series smaller

Falling leaves from deposit

22 Responses so far.

  1. Mary Preston says:

    There is not much I ever miss about summer – I don’t like the heat. Therefore the cool of autumn is always welcome.

  2. Megan Stietz says:

    Loved the pics Karice! !! I hope to go to Scotland someday too, well along with many other places! I always wanted a job that either gave me the ability yo travel or needed me to travel but not too much so I could still see my family! Anyhoo…I will miss sunshine and green and sleeping more 🙂 So excited for all those releases!!! Why do you do this to me?? <3 xoxox <3

    • kbolton says:

      Scotland was really fun and I’m excited for the releases too!! They’ve been so much fun to write. Thank you for the comment!!


  3. DebraG says:

    I will miss the lazy days and warm weather but not the really hot. I love the colorful leaves of fall and Halloween.

  4. Terri Nesvacil says:

    Great pictures. Thank you for sharing! I will miss reading in the hammock and summers on Lake Chelan. Looking forward to the crispness in the air, visiting the pumpkin farm and the beautiful fall colors.

  5. Jenni Lyn says:

    I will miss all the sun-Kissed tanned people of Summer! Lucky for me I will now blend in with the Beautiful Landscape that will be ever present in the days to come….. Fall colors as Oranges,marroons,browns and coppers will go lovely with my Auburn Red hair and pure white skin that only reflects sun to other people in the summer. So there for, Fall is my ultimate Season of the year with it’s amazing smells,beautiful colors and Crisp feel of wind in my hair. Bring I On…. Not to mention… Karice Bolton and her RELEASES to keep you snuggled up with a cover and hot apple sider while looking out the window enjoying the view!!! VIVA LA FALL!!! 🙂 🙂

  6. Anubha says:

    I do not like hot weather much so i think I won’t be missing summer much.
    Ahh!! Fall- rains, surroundings look new and colorful and the fact that hot weather is now the thing of past. 😀

  7. Such wonderful pictures, Karice! It looks like you had a fantastic time. 🙂 There’s not much I’m going to miss about the summer this time around. It’s been so hot I’m happy to see it cool down. I’m looking forward to my favorite fall/winter tea (black pumpkin spice) coming back to the store. I keep checking, but it’s not there yet!

  8. Sherry Hoernig says:

    The thing I will miss about summer is not having to wear shoes & socks. I love having naked feet 😉 What will I love most about fall? Oh my, it’s hard to pick just one thing, since Fall is my favorite season. I’ll go w/the cooler weather, which will bring about all the colors on the trees as they prepare for their winters rest.

  9. bn100 says:

    going to the beach
    the leaves changing colors

  10. Lisa Foster says:

    what you’ll miss about summer and what you’ll enjoy about fall! ——–
    In Summertime, I will miss the clear skys and warmth at dusk at night to see my grandchildren run around and play outside. They loved to go to the park and play and then to look at the stars at night and making smores. A great time to visit and be a child yourself.. However, fall is great also as I like seeing the leaves change and why my husband and I are going on a cruise to New England in October. I love the holidays and will see Salem in October to see how they will celebrate (witches).

  11. Angela C. says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of summer because it’s so hot but I love the break the school. Now that school has started again I’m not getting any sleep. >.< But I like the weather much more! Although it's starting to get REALLY cold here… Also my birthday and Halloween are in fall so that's always cool 😉

  12. kbolton says:

    The winner was Sherry H. Thanks for participating everyone!! Keep checking back for more updates and contests. 🙂

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