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What a whirlwind it has been. We just got back from UtopYA in Nashville. It was my first time there, and it was great to meet so many amazing readers, bloggers, and authors. We also made a stop in Atlanta, which was a blast. Atlanta was such a pretty city and everyone was so nice.

I thought I’d let everyone here know about the pre-order option for Beyond Intent! The official release date is July 14th, but I now have a pre-order link for Amazon. I’m really looking forward to sharing more of Jason and Gabby with you all! I hope you enjoy their journey.

Teresa Yeh Photography Proofs


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Gabby has found the love of her life. Her bakery is doing better than she could ever imagine, and her two best friends each found love in the most unexpected places. But just when everything seems too good to be true, she realizes it probably is. 

Jason’s hours have become longer, and there are mornings when she rolls over to find an empty bed. It isn’t until Jason’s hidden past surfaces that she realizes there’s more on the line than love. 

In order for their relationship to survive, Gabby must convince Jason to let her be a part of a world he’s fought so hard to forget. She knows their love is worth fighting for, but will he allow his family’s dark secrets to shape his future with Gabby?

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  1. Emma-Jayne Cianciaruso says:

    Cant wait! Pre ordered it the other day when I saw it on fb. Keep them coming! x

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