I had my first pumpkin spice latte over the weekend and am officially in heaven with the new season! We had a wonderful summer, but I’m looking forward to crisp autumn air, baking, and lots of reading by the fire! I have a lot of books stacked up to read since I had such a busy summer with releases…

And out of those many releases comes REDEMPTION! For all the Luke Fletcher fans, Redemption is finally here. The third book in the Luke Fletcher Series was such fun to write, and I hope you all love Luke and Hannah’s final book. (Yes, Mia is still getting her standalone-yay!!)

If you haven’t started the series, Hidden Sins is free right now.

So now to the contest! Pretty easy. Leave a comment and one person will randomly be chosen when Beyond the Mistletoe comes out in November. Winner will receive a $10 Amazon card and an assortment of teas to get you ready for the holidays! The winner for the Beyond Promise contest is: Darla K. You will receive an email from me shortly. Yay and congrats!!



Hannah has managed to put the horrors of the past behind her. To most, it looks as if Hannah Walker is living her dream. About to graduate from nursing school with honors and several job prospects in front of her, everything in life is exactly as she planned. She hopes that taking a job abroad will give her that final boost of courage to finally put behind her the fantasy of the man she once loved.

Luke Fletcher has been on the hunt for people who don’t want to be found, and with every passing day away from his old life, the longing inside of him grows to reclaim the woman he let slip away. But he knows that’s not possible. Not unless he’s able to redeem himself to the woman and life he left behind will he find peace again. But is it too late for redemption?

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Contest for Beyond Promise Release Day Today!!

What a busy summer!

Beyond Promise is here, and I can barely believe that the sixth book in the Beyond Love Series has arrived! I hope you all love Lily and Ayden’s final story. It’s definitely bittersweet! I think that’s the third time I’ve used that word today to describe how I feel. I’m so happy I’ve been able to write about Lily, Gabby, and Brandy, but it’s hard to believe it’s getting close to the end.

That being said, Beyond the Mistletoe will be coming out in November, and I’m so grateful for the Island County Series so I can still check in on Lily, Brandy, and Gabby from time to time. :)

To celebrate today’s release, I’m offering up a signed copy of one of my books (winner’s choice) and a $10 Amazon Card. Winner will be chosen on September 10th when Redemption comes out.

For those of you who’ve followed the Beyond Love Series, I hope you enjoy Beyond Promise as much as I did while writing it, and I do hope you’re looking forward to Beyond the Mistletoe. I have a special treat surrounding that story, and I can’t wait to announce it when the time comes. I’m also dying to write the second book in the Island County Series, Love Redone in Hidden Harbor. It will be a busy winter!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

To enter the contest, just leave a comment and one winner will be randomly chosen on September 10th!!

The winner from Finding Love in Forgotten Cove’s contest is: Caitlin G. I’ll be in touch via email this week. :)Beyond Promise Font Nook



Book 6 in the Beyond Love Series… So much in Lily’s life has changed. She’s about to marry the man of her dreams and take on one of the most important roles ever, but just when she thinks things can’t get anymore perfect, her world implodes into a million little pieces and she’s not sure she can pick them all up again.

Ayden has always loved a little danger now and then as long as no one got hurt, but that’s all changed since he asked Lily to marry him. She’s everything to him, and he no longer wants to put himself in harm’s way. But he has one last fight he can’t back out of, and his decision to step in the ring threatens the life he dreamed of having with Lily.






Good Luck!!!

Contest to Celebrate My New Release…Mason’s story is here

Wow!! So Finding Love in Forgotten Cove is FINALLY here! I have been waiting months to share this story. Tori has been through a lot, and it seems that Mason might be the perfect person to get her out of her funk! Until…

I really want to tell you about these two, but I’m afraid I’ll spill too much. I’ll stick to the basics.

Finding Love in Forgotten Cove is the first book in the Island County Series, which is a Beyond Love Crossover. What does that mean? It means that Gabby, Lily, Brandy, Aaron, Jason, and Ayden will make appearances from time to time, while I bring in new characters (like Tori) and fresh stories.

What is Finding Love about and where is this elusive contest? Keep reading to find out!

Finding Love in Forgotten Cove Overview

Tori Aickens understands more than most what it feels like to lose the ones you love, but she also understands how to survive that kind of pain by leaving it all behind and never looking back. Unfortunately, while she’s busy never looking back, she walks straight ahead to find her fiancé cheating on her with a grin on his face.

It isn’t until her father passes away, that Tori decides to return to Fireweed Island for the summer. Coming back to a place where ghosts lurk in even the happiest of memories makes her face the heartache of her past she’s done so well at leaving behind. It isn’t until Gabby introduces Mason Rhodes to her that she realizes kindness can exist in this overly brutal thing called life, and maybe not all men are meant to self-destruct, or she’s just been sniffing in too much ocean air.

Either way, spending time with Mason on Fireweed Island leaves Tori questioning if the carefully constructed life she left behind in New York is one she even wants any longer. Mason is determined to break down Tori’s barriers, but she’s not sure she’s strong enough to let go of her past and imagine a future that risks her heart getting broken again, and she wonders if there’s such a thing as the right love at the wrong time…


Finding Love in Forgotten CoveSmaller


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So what can you win by leaving a comment? A $10 Amazon card and a signed book from my collection (Winner’s choice).


Also, the winners of the last two contests are:

Stacey L. – Buried Sins Contest ~$10 Amazon Card

Shawnte L. – Hidden Sins Book Birthday ~ Signed book from my collection and a $10 Amazon Card

Congrats ladies! Thanks for participating! You should receive an email from me today.

Contest! Hidden Sins just went Free & Redemption pre-order is live!

Even though the official start of summer is a few days away, it feels like summer arrived weeks ago in Washington. We usually get some soggy days in May and June, but the sun has been shining and the temps have hovered in the seventies and eighties. We just recently moved into our new home and have been in the unpacking process. We sold our previous home and found a home in a small town on the Olympic Peninsula where we can walk to coffee shops, frozen yogurt, and the grocery store. Now, after saying all that, we have only walked to the frozen yogurt shop once… And please promise me the unpacking will stop at some point. I’m at that point where every single time I empty a box, I swear a few more sprout in its place!

Stacks of Cardboard Boxes, Industrial Background.

Anyway, that’s what’s been happening on our end. Lots of packing and then unpacking and writing in between!!


But I couldn’t miss out on celebrating Hidden Sins’ book birthday!! It turned one this month and to celebrate, I made it FREE on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo.



Hidden Sins Birthday

A big thank you to my street team for helping get the news out and making the promo possible! I also refreshed the covers of both Hidden and Buried Sins! And the big news is that Redemption is available for pre-order and will be out on September 10th! Yay!!! Hope you like the cover and Luke’s final story…

(Keeping Reading for contest)


Links to view Pre-order below:




Find Hidden Sins for FREE at the below retailers:

Hidden Sins Revised

Links to view Free Hidden Sins below:

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And here is Buried Sins’ refreshed cover (available now)! <3

Buried Sins Revised

Now back to the contest!! Leave a comment about what you’re looking forward to this summer (or whatever else comes to mind) and one person will be randomly chosen to win a $10 Amazon Card and a signed copy of a book of winner’s choice from my collection! Winner will be chosen when Beyond Promise is released later this summer. And don’t forget to scroll down to see my earlier post with another contest and the winner for that one will be chosen when Mason’s story is released this summer!

Releases up next:

*Finding Love in Forgotten Cove (Island County Series) – This is Mason’s story and the new series is a Beyond Love crossover series where the characters we love will be there to support all new characters!

*Beyond Promise (Beyond Love Series #6)

*Redemption (Luke Fletcher Series #3)

*Beyond the Mistletoe (Beyond Love Series #7)


Hope you all have a fabulous week! Off to writing and unpacking I go!


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Buried Sins is available Today! Contest to celebrate!

The second book in the Luke Fletcher Series, Buried Sins, is available today!! I’ve loved writing more about Luke and Hannah and am so excited to write the third book in the series, Redemption, this summer! If you haven’t started the Luke Fletcher Series, I dropped the price to only $.99 this week to celebrate the release!

For all the Beyond Love Readers, Mason’s story will be coming out in June with the introduction of the Island County Series, which is a crossover series that features characters from Beyond Love along with a whole set of new characters. Beyond Promise will be released in the summer after Mason’s story! Keep checking back here for more information or sign up for my newsletter here.

So now to the contest! Up for grabs is a $10 Amazon card and the winner will be randomly chosen the release of Mason’s story! Leave a comment and/or answer the following: What movie have you seen a million times and you still can’t wait to watch again and again?

Click below to view Buried Sins on Amazon!

Buried Sins small



Fletcher Security Systems has become one of the largest firms of its type in the world. Luke has mastered how to protect everyone else at all cost without dealing with his own demons. Or so he thinks.

When one of Luke’s top men is captured, he realizes the people who murdered his parents are sending a message loud and clear. He is next. As secrets are unburied, it becomes apparent these people will stop at nothing to get what they want, and they set their sights on Hannah.




iBooks and Kobo available this weekend!


*Winner of the last contest was Lori F. Congrats!